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Consequently, I relaxation my circumstance – Even though this incident demonstrates that Mr. Doostzadeh is unconstructive, biased and ideologically determined, as he is attempting to dispute almost everything and something, without any benefit in doing this.

«Дело не в том, что закавказских [азербайджанских – прим. авт.] литераторов и ученых было много, гораздо более важным элементом является их своеобразие. Не столько совпадение во времени, сколько это своеобразие является поводом для объединения в самостоятельную группу, у истоков которой, собственно, уже стоит Катран [Тебризи – прим.

also, I do think we can all agree that Nezami wasn't Turkic, that is easy. Now the issue is whether or not to lable him persian or not. If it was as many as me and it he west had not adopted the word persia when refering to iran, I'd lable him as Iranian, but The truth is that we are unable to do this with out hurting irans background. Grandmaster, you feel really educated, and you should know which the west doesn't affiliate the time period Iran with Irans heritage which matches below Persia.

Again, let's not fail to remember, that had it not been to get a Turk, there would be no Shahname, no classical Persian literary language, and globe would've shed a lot. It was a Turk who ordered the poem, it absolutely was him who, despite the not incredibly favorable language, paid for it, and it was him who purchased to transcribe it on many manuscripts and so put it aside for the future generations. Rather than being grateful and grateful and appreciative, some Persians increase up being chauvinists and Turkic-haters.

The fact is that your quotes of 1950's scholar less than Stalin has no educational price compared to the lastest statements of wonderful scholars. Also I never intend to make this a fight about Nizamis ethnicity, but it ought to be about Nizami and his function. But I can look for Armenians who talk Russian and would enable me dig up every one of the statements with regards to Nizami in that journal along with other journal close to the breakup. Also Ibn Howqal has Obviously described no Turkic in Armenia and Arran and his time is close to Nizamis. So may be the book Hodood-al-Alam.

As is evident within the text, Shirvanshah Particularly asks Nizami to jot down in and use motifs of both Arabic or Persian, implying that in no way ought to Yet another language and motives – by which clearly Turki and Turkic is singled out – be made use of.

3) Nizami, if he had a diwan (In keeping with dowlat shah samarqandi about twenty,000 verses), it's been misplaced. No significant Nizami scholar has referenced the strains beyond panj ganj plus the verses beyond panj ganj are indirect attributions which can not be proved now. They are published by by Vahid Dastgerdi by their authencity just isn't gauranteed just like the Panj Ganj.

Whom Nizami devoted his poems is incredibly essential For numerous noticeable rather than-so-noticeable motives, especially in The sunshine of Mr. Doostzadeh, like all Persian chauvinists, seeking to present The point that Nizami sometimes centered his male hero over a Sassanian king as an “argument” for Nizami’s Persian ethnicity.

Also, Mr. Doostzadeh need to realize that the top advisor, suitable hand and Formal to Stalin and all other Soviet leaders right until nineteen seventies was Anastas Mikoyan, an ethnic Armenian who fought and killed Azerbaijanis in the main quarter in the 20th century. Mikoyan held several large-rating positions, which include as chief of Azerbaijan. Also, Mr. Doostzadeh does not know, that the leaders of Azerbaijan (Very first Secretary of your Communist Get together) in 1920, 1926-1929, and 1933 ended up ethnic Armenians (and Check This Out in between of these yrs, it ended up always ethnic Russians). So when it’s pleasant to discover Mr. Doostzadeh so afraid and senseless from your legendary talents of very small Azerbaijan, they do not correspond to realities.

38) As in his regular program, Mr. Baguirov claims: There is totally no evidence that Zoroaster was ethnic Persian, and It's not at all completely distinct he might have been Iranian – in reality, we don’t know of course when he lived, which century, and minor continues to be of his preaching.

And who said slender eyes ( slant-eyes) aren't fairly? You tend to be the a person remaining racist. There is absolutely no reference to Turks white pores and skin in any of Nizamis poem. (by the way the tone in the pores and skin could possibly be gentle and you can be of Mongoloid race like many Chinese).

9) Once again the point about ethnicity of Nizami will mention both of those father and mother. Lots of Abbassid caliphs had Turkic or Persian mom and these are typically all mentioned in relavent sources.

The thing is if Einstein wrote a e-book in English, he is undoubtedly an English writer of Jewish origin. As for Nizami we have been a hundred% of Kurdish mom and I would even say his father was about ninety nine% chance Kurdish (Despite the fact that he failed to leave us sufficient details to make a hundred% certain). But poet is redirected here considerably more significant than a scientist In relation to identification mainly because a poet expresses cultural ideas and so belongs towards the society that he created Which nourished him. Nizami's big function are with regards to the Sassanid dynasty as well as the Irano-Islamic legend of Alexandar (which is present in substantial portions of Shahnameh at the same time). So There is certainly a vital cultural ingredient right here which can not be neglected as well as if Nizamis other 50 percent was his explanation a Martian, he would nonetheless be described as a Persian pory in the cultural feeling. For the reason that Persian was his cultural language and legacy on the lifestyle he remaining driving. Certainly lifestyle is considerably more crucial than ethnicity in my view. Such as Stalin was a Georgian, but he acted just like a Russian. Or ataturk was originally Albanian/Macedonian but he turned The daddy of Turks.

Also, IV) Persian/Farsi, is much like almost every other language – no far more, no considerably less, Hence Enable’s not above-idealize or otherwise idolize it. Which also signifies that the best way to fully grasp the subtle and sophisticated poetry of this kind of grand master of poetry, philosophy, and even science as Nizami is always to rely upon academic editions of his poems and on Skilled translations or commentary – considering that Every single term has numerous meanings, Specifically depending on the context, and often simultaneously suggests a number of factors – and naturally the fact that Nizami wrote in twelfth century and we are now living in 21st century doesn't assist A great deal possibly. Consequently, Except everyone Here's an academician and may deliver scholarly credentials of becoming proficient in 12th century Dari, amazing down a tad and hear what entire world-renowned scholars must say. Remaining a native speaker from the 21st century Persian/Farsi isn't ample – Specifically considering the fact that much of our discussions centers on different historic specifics and references.

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